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Had a panic attack at school today..

on September 6, 2013

It was my third day of school, and I was hoping that my social anxiety had gone down.  But it was a little optimistic I guess, these things don’t just disappear.  This morning we had a pre-test for Honors Chemistry and I didn’t know ANYTHING.  Even though the teacher said that the average was a 12% for the pre-test I was still freaking out.  I started hyperventilating and shaking.  I couldn’t leave the class though because it was almost over, and then I got inspiration for a song (this happens out of nowhere, usually when I’m very upset or very happy).  So I just started writing until the bell rang, then I told my next teacher I was going to get a drink of water and just sat in the bathroom until I started feeling calmer.  I was a little shaky for a few hours but thank goodness I was able to write my song down, or I would have completely lost it in Chem.  Once again, music saves the day 🙂


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