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I tried to get over it and move on, I wrote down my feelings and did my best to forgive her. But how could she do this to me?  I thought out of everyone she understood me.  But apparently not,  because she broke my heart again.

How could my best friend tell my boyfriend I don’t love him?

It’s not even that she told him that, I mean it kind of is, but more so that she could believe it to be true.  She genuinely believes I don’t love him.  She believes I am using him.  I knew it, I should’ve seen it coming really.  How could I pretend anyone got who I was for this long?

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My Life Is Almost Over

Have you ever had the feeling that your life was about to end?  Because I’m only about to turn sixteen and I already feel like I’m running out of time to do things.  It’s like I’m constantly watching a countdown and I don’t know when it stops counting.

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Lately I’ve Been Working On Recovering From Cutting

Tonight it will be two weeks since I last cut.  I’m excited for the milestone but it’s so difficult, I’ve almost relapsed every day for the last five days.  What matters though is that I’m doing my best and I’m slowly weaning myself off.  Gotta remind myself of that sometimes.

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I’ll Build My Own

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