Now It's For Real (Not really)

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on April 3, 2013

it has been forever since ive been on here, honestly literally months.  and i feel kinda bad about it but whatever.  so a few things have happened since i last logged on…

  • I broke up with my old boyfriend, got back together, and then broke up again.
  • i started seeing a therapist back in November but i never put it on here….
  • I got a role as a featured dancer in the musical 🙂
  • I got a puppy 😀
  • and you know the friend of my boyfriend that i really cared about but ended up pushing away?  well we started talking again after a little while and we got really close.  now we’re together and it feels so right.  i can tell him anything.

so that’s it i guess for now.  until next time, see ya :p


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