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Inside the Monster

on October 28, 2012

I was just on Tumblr and i decided to blog what a thought process in my brain is.

Average: Hey, it’s (insert name here) i wonder how they are doin  i remember that one time when we (insert thing here)  that was fun  i wonder if they remember that like i do.

Lowlowlow: whats the point this is so retarded
Other voice: you’re retarded what are you even doing
shut up
OV: make me
why can’t you just leave me alone
OV: because i am you ha you can’t escape me you’re pathetic you hear voices in your head how lame is that you will never amount to anything you stupid bitch
stop it
OV: no
OV: no im never leaving i will be with you forever just you and me
i wish people would just leave me alone
OV: why would they they dont even have pay to see a freak show
i wish people could hear me screaming
OV: what are you gonna do, tell them that you feel sad they’ll never believe you you stupid drama queen you’re trapped


Happyhappyhappy: omigosh cloud sky blue spinspinspin im so happy right now but what about later when i get sad oh no time to worry about that happy happy joy joy lalalalalalalala :DDDDDDDDD xDDDDDDDD

Angryangryangry:  go away humans are fucking stupid idiots why do we even exist dumbass species dont talk to me >:(((((((

Panicsadangryhappyscreamoutloud:  wait what spin go away can’t breath stop close worthless stupid human horrible bitch sunshine ohnoohnoohno nonononononono cutcutcutcutcutcut sigh cry lullaby quiet.


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