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my dream

on September 28, 2012

i dont think i ever told you guys this, if anyone is even reading this blog, but i have a dream that im gonna move to L.A. when i finally turn 18, and become a singer or actor. crazy right? well everyone around me seems to think so.  they dont believe i can do it.  i mean they dont come out and say it, but i can read it in their eyes.  they think im just a silly child whos dreams are too big for her britches.  but theyr wrong.  im gonna make it one day, just wait.  i mean i cant even consider the alternative.  just being another face in the crowd, settling for average the rest of my life. i wont do it.  i am different, and i will always be different. i want people to see that im not normal, im a huge freak and im finally okay with that.  and then when i become a singer or actress, i can show its ok to be a weird freakazoid loser.  i want to be an inspiration for people to keep going with their lives and that they should show who they are no matter who that is.  i will get there one day. 


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