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Degrassi’s back (full review)

on July 17, 2012

omg one direction music is on degrassi (up all night in case your wondering)! i am literally trying my best not squeal my lungs out here.  katie and drew’s relationship deal is kinda bumming it for me.  ok commercial skipping….clares walking out to meet eli.  ok apparently so eli wants to make sure clares serious, fair enough.  clare is all in here. im so happy eli and clare are back on, they are so good for each other! apparentley drew did it with katie.  now hes acting stupid as everyone does when they are drunk.  i cant believe he had sex with katie though, i mean number one katie should hav been at home getting over drew, not coming to the party to talk.  number two drews hockey pals shouldnt hav gotten him drunk becaus he said he didnt want to get drunk. number three drew should have never invited katie into his room to talk, i mean he broke up with her, its done.  swinging onto a totally unrelated topic, maya got breast inserts for her bra so she had a better chance at her band audition. i understand where shes coming from there, not exactly being wat you call well endowed myself, but i wish she listened to her friends wen they told her she is beautiful exactly the way she is. i can tell you now someones gonna figure out that shes using those and the remarks are just gonna get worse. so thats all i gotta say


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