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diary number like 12

on July 12, 2012

hey, i just wanted to post a real journal-like excerpt here, instead of these random-ass blobs that im sure hav been quite confusing lol.  so this is pretty much wat i do every day over the summer, with the odd horse riding lesson and trip to the city thrown in once or twice a week.  so i wake up around 10 or 11, take a shower, eat, watch tv, get on the internet for the day, do other misc. stuff around the house when everyone else is gone, have family time, then go to bed.  so riveting, isnt it? its a lot funner that it sounds actually.  i mean, im not going swimming every day or anything but its peaceful, and if i wanna go out i do.  so thats it so far i guess.  and i might be going on a road trip this month!  xD


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