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Last day at home!

jumping out of my pants rite now! im literally so excited for this vacation im about to burst xD.  so my sister, parents and i are going east to Maryland to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousin.  then after a few days with them its off to the beach, can you imagine?  the beach!  and not a lake beach either, there are plenty of those in Michigan, but an ocean beach.  talk about heaven… i honestly dont know wy im so excited.  usually a whole week with just my family would terrify me, but i hav a good feeling about this one for some reason.  maybe its because im hoping my mom will let me wander the beach alone, oh i do hope my family doesnt drag me down.  i cant believe it so im going to say it again…..IM GOING ON VACATION!!!!!!!

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Degrassi’s back (full review)

omg one direction music is on degrassi (up all night in case your wondering)! i am literally trying my best not squeal my lungs out here.  katie and drew’s relationship deal is kinda bumming it for me.  ok commercial skipping….clares walking out to meet eli.  ok apparently so eli wants to make sure clares serious, fair enough.  clare is all in here. im so happy eli and clare are back on, they are so good for each other! apparentley drew did it with katie.  now hes acting stupid as everyone does when they are drunk.  i cant believe he had sex with katie though, i mean number one katie should hav been at home getting over drew, not coming to the party to talk.  number two drews hockey pals shouldnt hav gotten him drunk becaus he said he didnt want to get drunk. number three drew should have never invited katie into his room to talk, i mean he broke up with her, its done.  swinging onto a totally unrelated topic, maya got breast inserts for her bra so she had a better chance at her band audition. i understand where shes coming from there, not exactly being wat you call well endowed myself, but i wish she listened to her friends wen they told her she is beautiful exactly the way she is. i can tell you now someones gonna figure out that shes using those and the remarks are just gonna get worse. so thats all i gotta say

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Degrassi’s back

watching the premier of degrassi, so far drews broken up with katie, thers a party, clares stressin over eli, and maya’s (miya? who knos how to spell it) been called flat chested twice. updates and review over whole episode laterz

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diary number like 12

hey, i just wanted to post a real journal-like excerpt here, instead of these random-ass blobs that im sure hav been quite confusing lol.  so this is pretty much wat i do every day over the summer, with the odd horse riding lesson and trip to the city thrown in once or twice a week.  so i wake up around 10 or 11, take a shower, eat, watch tv, get on the internet for the day, do other misc. stuff around the house when everyone else is gone, have family time, then go to bed.  so riveting, isnt it? its a lot funner that it sounds actually.  i mean, im not going swimming every day or anything but its peaceful, and if i wanna go out i do.  so thats it so far i guess.  and i might be going on a road trip this month!  xD

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nite post

this has been horrible. excruciating. they’re done?  im done too. with everything

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20 facts part two

the second of two parts, ten more facts about me:
-i really dont think The Vow is that romantic 
-my favorite musical is Oklahoma
-i love to perform
-i hav a mom, dad, and sister
-if i was any princess id be Rapunzel
-my eyes are green
-i will grow to be the tallest in my family
-i love reading
-i love long car rides
-i love horror movies

so thats it, ta-da 

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20 facts part one

i feel weird posting on the web without a little bit of extra information about me, so i decided to post 20 facts about me, here are the first ten :
-iv liked at least 11 boys
-iv had an actual broken heart twice
-im proud to admit, i am a Directioner
-my favorite food is anything fried
-im terrified of the dark
-i feel most lonely in a room full of people i know best
-if i had a superpower, itd be telepathy
-i prefer texting to calling
-i am a Christian
-The people in the world i hav a habit of liking least are “Super Christians” as i call them

thus ends part one 🙂

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Diary Poem Thing

The Face

You stop
Because you know that face
From Somewhere
Deep in the recesses of your mind
Scrambled thoughts connect
Realization hits
You don’t know that face from Somewhere
You know it from Everywhere
When you closed your eyes
When it was in the room with you
Scrawled on your hand
Etched in your heart
It is not the same person
Not even close
But the same blue eyes
Blonde hair
Pale skin
You wondered why he was so appealing
Until now
Because you know this face
It broke your heart

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