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Daily Diary 11 (3/24/11)

on March 25, 2012

Sorry i have’nt posted in a few days, its just been pretty busy.  and by that i mean that i had chores to do and nothing really major was going on until thursday (tell you in a minute).   today first though.  okay so i woke up around 9 (actually i woke up on and off since six, but oh well) finally rested. i brushed my teeth and washed my face and watched degrassi first.  then i put my hair in ringlets for no reason except to find out if my new curling iron would do it (it did but my curls fell out 😦  ).  then my dad and sister got up, my mom wasnt there cause she worked today, and watched some animal planet.  my sister left to hang with some friends, and me and my dad watched tv and veged out all day.  well thats what i did, he did the same only making a few calls. 

now to the good stuff.  on thursday i got home from school and got ready for what could have been the most important night of my freshmen life.  the hunger games premier.  i showered and put on a hunger games t-shirt, then did my hair and waited for my sister to get ready.  we picked up our friends around 930, which reminds me i met a new friend whos awesome, and got to the theater by 10.  we then proceeded to seat ourselves and wait until 12 for the movie to start.  i know, a long time to wait right? but it was worth it.  read about it in my review post.  we got home around four after dropping people off, and on friday i went to school. bleh.  so i switched between total hyper and dead zombie throughout the day, which is kind of awesome but also a living hell, and as soon as i got home, i checked my facebook, got on youtube (had to watch kingsley and jenna marbles)  and took a nap.  i then got up, welcomed my mom home from work and fed the horses, and slept again, leading me into today. i guess thats all i have.


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