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Daily Diary 09 (3/18/12)

on March 19, 2012

Today was another sleep-in day, which i totally needed so badly (the bags under my eyes were starting to take up too much space).  later i mostly got on the internet, and did the laundry.  and when i mean did the laundry, im serious i went to town on the two week old mess, that laundry was my bitch xp lol.  also, i had an at home spa day with mani-pedis, face steam, a luxurious make-up application and enough lotion to moisturize an elephant.  when my sister got home from her job (which she finally found after like a month of searching) we headed over to our friends bridal shower, which was tons of fun caus i got to talk to a lot of people and my sister cried and i got to make fun of her :).  then we headed home where i made burgers (undercooked them the first time…bleh).  now im debating whether to make a last ditch effort to do my homework (not likely) or not.  maybe ill just go to bed.  nightey night haha


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