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Daily Diary 07 (3/15/12)

on March 16, 2012

Once again today i wore my gym shorts, though Natasha didn’t make an appearance i still felt pretty good.  things were going pretty well until bio, where in the middle of taking notesi realised mother nature had a little surprise for me.  more like a (not so) monthly gift.  i had to go to the bathroom and compromise for pads. hooray for improv work!  nothing major happened today, except when one of my friends name was called down to take a test and they pronounced it ‘whore-dousch’ earning major laughs from me and my friend.  we had dance practice today after school for the musical (yay!), which is where i got one of my daily quotes from (bet you can guess which one). coming home i ate a snack, watched TV, and fed the horses before eating and taking a shower.  i did my homework (work applications, anyone?) and am presently watching project runway (austin scarlett all the way<3).  hopefully i will be able to drag myself out of bed tomorrow morning and get to school without passing out because i. am. beat.  like i feel dead :P.  by the way, have i told you guys the news?  IM GOING TO THE HUNGER GAMES PREMIER!!!!!  HOLY PETER PAN-CAKES IM SO EXCITED!!! 😀  lolz byeee


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