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Daily Diary 06 (3/14/12)

on March 15, 2012

Delayed start day! gotta love ’em <3. yeah, so as you can see sleeping in an hour and eating breakfast (instead of starving until lunch) really ups your happiness level . i left the house and walked into a sunshiny morning (quite nice to see after months of clouds) to catch my bus. i got to school, played the (card game) war with my friend in the hallway, and was almost late to gym. today i decided to wear my gym shorts instead of sweat pants.  i’ve had my gym shorts for about a year, and they come up to the tippy top of my thighs, almost showing a little too much skin (but not as much as those shorts the volleyball players wear, i mean can you SAY spandex?) and usually i was soo self concious in them. but not today, today my alter ego (let’s call her Natasha for now) decided to make an appearance. girlofdeliz was afraid that her thighs were to big, or that the guys could see her butt. not Natasha! she came strutting out with Lacy (gym partner/friend) . she felt so sexy she could have anyone she wanted. i think it paid off, a certain senior boy couldn’t take his eyes off of us. Natasha stayed all through gym, when i took my shorts off, until lunch came around, then she backed off a bit. Natasha was still in my mind the rest of the day, and i held onto that confidence she had (i like her attitude, maybe with her around i can get a boyfriend 😉 jk….maybe). after school was practice for the musical (im in the chorus). we were doing vocals today and must i say i sounded like a dying whale? we sang, then left early. i walked with my friend to her house, and because she’s so nice she let us take the long way for a chance to see the guy i like. it took us an hour to walk home, but to no avail because he’s on the track team and you need a gps to find THEM. my mom picked me up there and i went home to ride my horse, Dusty. now im watching the new episode of Merlin and it reminds me of the grudge, now im never going to disturb ANY burial sites. signing out, and signing off. byez

*i am NOT bipolar or anything. i just call Natasha my alter ego caus i felt completely different during gym



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