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Daily Diary 05 (3/13/12)

on March 13, 2012

Super happy. like super mega phenomanal happy right now, and i dont know why. i mean, today was a good day, but nothing amazing or life changing happened. just a school day with little perks like a good class discussion, remembering to pack lunch, pulling a prank that actually worked (huge accomplishment, btw) and of course noticing the guy i like notice me. afterwards some snacks at home, and a good riding lesson. you know what’s good about riding? you can always learn something. like when your riding instructor is talking to someone else and not me, i like to listen to what they’re saying. not because im nosy (okay, maybe a little) but because you can take whatever they say and apply it to you. example: when they tell someone to sit up straight, check your own posture. so now im just at home, waiting for dinner to be cooked so i can eat, feed my (fabulous) animals, take a shower go to bed, and wake up an hour late tomorrow for delayed start. PEACE OUT BITCHES 😀


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