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Daily Diary O2 (3/1-/12)

on March 11, 2012

Before I start this, i have to tell you about my family. We are not normal, by any standards. There’s my father; Brom, my mother; Aggie , and my sister Margy (aka Margaret). Sadly, i am the most normal one of us. Pathetic, right? anyway, we all decided to go to the stallion show today. in case you haven’t heard of it, it’s this big thing at MSU where a bunch of people and stallions come out and perform and try to sell you things. it’s entertaining enough if you’re into that type of thing. on our way to the expo we stopped at the local mcdonalds. of course, it takes us ten minutes to order 2 mcdoubles, a mcchicken, a coffe, a fry, and an iced tea. now we’re on the highway heading to State, eating and my dad talking about horses floating across the ocean on a raft. we took the highway and made it there in about an hour. we walked, watched training and dogs herd sheep, and walked around some more.

it was all fine until we (being my sister, dad, and i) got hungry and wanted to leave for a while and get some food. Aggie disagreed and insisted we stay for another five or so hours and wait to eat until nine, and because Aggie is our mother/wife and she’s done so much for us, we decided to stay. well, about an hour later after more walking Brom brought the subject of food up again. this time instead of disagreeing, Aggie insisted on leaving to “fill our fat stomachs” and proceed to go home because she was so sure that we would be too full to go on. we did as told, and with a very testy Aggie with us, off we went.

five minutes later me and Brom walked into subway, ready to order some footlongs. Margy came in right before we ordered and told us that mom didn’t want to eat at subway, so we almost went to applebees but changed our mind again and finally got a pizza, chicken wings, and crazy bread at little caesars (crazy bread is delish, but the deep dish pizza was a rip off and so were the wings). by the time we were done eating, temperments had cooled a little, and by the time we were back in the arena for the expo, all was well. skipping to the bathroom break later with Margy. so i went first, and got out quite quickly, afraid that the disgusting stall would give me AIDs. Margy took my stall over, and after i washed my hands and checked my makeup i headed back over, with Margy still in the stall there was a chance for scaring her i couldn’t resist. i lined myself up out of site, and jumped at her when she opened the door. i sadly miscalculated and almost slipped and fell on the floor (which would have DEFINITELY given me AIDS). that was pretty much the last thing of interest that happened today, so im signing off because im tired and the stupid daylight savings time is already losing me sleep.


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